Friday, November 26, 2010

I am guessing that I have finally reached that stage in life where I come to know how to be responsible for my actions. My sister says, "Boys are like animals: so ignorant and wanting one thing, and not stopping til they get it." That makes me think. Not all guys are like that, but EVERY guy has one thing in common, they all want to be satisfied.
Hah. Boys are so stupid..but I love them all. (:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Right at the Sun

Gracie Rosalia here. Right now, I am in Cocoa Beach, Florida, with my insane family. Oh, I wasn't kidding on the last part. Anywho, I won't be here long, so I'm choosing to write this at an old friends house. Now I know how computers can really come in handy anytime. And I didn't fly here by plane, we decided to take a road trip; a very LONG road trip. But I enjoyed it entirely :). My next trip is to go to North Carolina and hopefully see my friend Bronwyn Janelle Beasley. I cannot wait! Well, the reason I tell you this is because I want you guysor whoever is reading this to please email me and tell me where you live in and what you guys do there! I expect to see some emails! My email is

-Gracie Rosalia

BTW, I'm from Fort Wayne, Indiana :)